lost pup
ruben - 18, aus, little hairy queer trans boy pup prince - he/his/him or they/them


assigned… at birth? holy shit, that assignment must be so overdue, i hope this gender doesn’t effect my GPA

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'want', the fuckboy types as he hits reblog on the 53rd porn gif of the day. the door breaks down and scores of naked tattooed white girls pour in, ready to answer the official fuckboy mating call. 'hot damn', he thinks, 'I don't think brand new ever wrote a song for this occasion'. it is beautiful. his eyes open wide. they are swarming into the room like angry hornets and he cannot breathe. it is beautif

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tbh i need to tell myself every day that i wake up that i am flawless n hot as hell even when i sure as fuck dont feel it
bc it is true that i am hot as hell n sometimes my brain needs some convincing that it’s true

tbh i need to immerse myself in games n drawing and movies and anything possible to distract me from my fkn life rn im pathetic baby poo


also as a guy even if ur behaviour is not misogynistic ur silence is. if ur guy friends are treating women badly saying misogynistic things n being general shits and u say nothing n don’t call them out of it then u are JUST as bad. I’ve met a few guys i wouldn’t call misogynistic but they associate w men who are disgusting n don’t call them out n so to me they are just as bad. if u are not making ur spaces feminist n safe 4 women then u are anti-women.

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sweet jesus


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A river my cousins and I went over on our walk to the Big Four ice caves in Washington. Beautiful blue, ice cold water